2020 Graduation

So here we are with the recap of our 2020 Graduation, a little late, but better late than never.

On June 15th we had our K5 Graduation. Graduating from K5 in 2020 were:

  • Colton Anderson
  • Jasmine Angees
  • Everleigh Childforever-Carroll
  • Jack Childforever-Carroll
  • Spencer Gliddy
  • Isaac Kaminawatamin
  • Camille Mamakwa
  • Octavia Martin
  • Aliya McKay
  • Emery Mekanak
  • Aurora Mequanawap
  • Ashton Whitehead
  • Tyven Whitehead
Our K5’s at their special front table!
K5’s Family and Friends!

You find all the photos, taken by our Special Education Teacher, Ms. Kayla, of the whole K5 Graduation on our schools Facebook Page! You can find the formal graduation photos, also taken by Ms. Kayla, can also be found on the schools Facebook Page.

Our Grade 8 and 12 Graduation was on June 18th.

Graduating from Grade 8 were:

  • Moses Angees
  • Erica Atlookan
  • Yzerman Beardy
  • Justice Childforever
  • Janelle Cromarty
  • Lavina Duncan
  • Travis Gliddy
  • Shrya Jacob
  • Crayden Martin
  • Erin Neshinapaise
  • Sakora Oskineegish
  • Logan Winter-Winnepetonga
2020 Grade 8 Graduates!

We also had 3 Grade 12 Graduates!

  • Tiberius Martin-Mamakwa Graduated from Pelican Falls High School (Not Pictured)
  • Lynnora McKay Graduated from Sioux North High School
  • Brandon McKay Graduated from Washa Distance Learning Center

Pictures from the entire Grade 8 and 12 Graduation Ceremony can be found on our schools Facebook Page. The formal Grade 8 Graduation Photos can be found at in this album on the schools Facebook Page.

Congratulations Graduates!

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